Using music to treat headache in children and young adults

SRH university of Heidelberg

In 2005, the sponsorship of the SRH charitable foundation helped the school of music therapy at the SRH Hochschule Heidelberg develop a form of musical therapy to alleviate migraines in children. In the meantime this therapeutic approach has become the successful standard for treating children between ages 8 and 12. The goal of the project is to develop and scientifically verify a musical-therapy treatment concept for youths (aged 12 to 17) with primary headache disorders.

Developing teaching software for musical therapy

SRH university of Heidelberg

In conjunction with highly-regarded game developers, the school of music therapy at the SRH University of Heidelberg is scientifically documenting the demands that modern videogames make on children and young people. The goal is to determine whether or to what extent the player's personality affects his or her individual gaming behaviour. The information gained through this research is to be used to assess existing computer and console games for their suitability as psychodiagnostic tools. Consequently, a special "diagnostic game" for targeted use in psychological practice is to be developed.

Endowment chair for freedom research

SRH university of Heidelberg

Since 2008, the SRH charitable foundation has been supporting the country's first endowed chair dedicated to the teaching of and research on freedom at the SRH Hochschule Heidelberg. Its objective is to promote teaching, research and academic advancement in the field of freedom research. In a series of lectures and workshops at multiple departments, the students will explore the history of ideas about freedom and the value of individual, economic and political freedom.

Holding an exchange with the Russian State Social University (RSSU) in Moscow

The exchange program between SRH Holding and the Russian State Social University (RSSU) in Moscow awards scholarships to highly qualified Russian students at the RSSU. This entails both financial support during their studies in Moscow as well as a six-month stay in Germany. The objective is to promote Russian students' understanding of the German language and the German culture.

Obesity prevention project

SRH hospital in Gera

The clinic for paediatric and adolescent medicine at the SRH Wald-Klinikum Gera joined forces with the city of Gera in 2009 to establish a network for obese children and young adults. The goal is prevention, early awareness and treatment of overweight and obese children in Gera and the surrounding region. With the help of their parents and siblings, the children are to become more athletically active and eat more healthily to strengthen their ability to perform and achieve greater physical awareness and self-esteem.

Larynx pacemaker project

SRH hospital in Gera

Healthy people do not spend any time thinking about their ability to speak, breath and swallow: the vocal cords in the larynx handle these activities almost automatically. If, however, the vocal cords become paralyzed, it becomes very difficult for someone to breathe or talk. At SRH Wald-Klinikum Gera, senior physician Dr. med. Andreas Müller, an ENT specialist and adjunct professor, is working on a "larynx pacemaker" to restore quality of life to such patients. The delicate electrodes of the larynx pacemaker take over the control function and use electrical impulses to activate the nerves of the muscle. This gives the vocal cords their previous flexibility, almost fully restoring the patients' ability to breathe and speak normally.

SRH Akademie für Hochschullehre – Excellence in Teaching

SRH university of Heidelberg

In 2009, the SRH charitable foundation supported the SRH university of Heidelberg in founding an Akademie für Hochschullehre – Excellence in Teaching. Its goal is to continue to improve teaching by conveying subject matter as effectively as possible. To achieve this, students and instructors work together to integrate the latest scientific insights into the practical aspects of learning and teaching at the academy. This is a decisive step towards excellence in teaching.

Creating an endowed chair for “Food Management and Technology”

SRH Distance Learning University in Riedlingen

With the support of the SRH charitable foundation, a chair was endowed at the SRH distance learning university in Riedlingen in 2009. It was created for the degree program on food management and technology with a focus on healthy nutrition. Applied research is to be conducted at the chair along with further conceptional development within this innovative program.

Conducting the scholarship campaign “Scholarships for clever minds at SRH”

SRH universities

The SRH charitable foundation launched a scholarship program at the beginning of the 2009/2010 winter semester. It was aimed at highly talented and ambitious young people who want to study at the SRH Hochschule Berlin or the SRH Hochschule Calw. The scholarship covers the tuition at those institutions and is limited to two years.

The psychosocial counselling centre for cancer patients

SRH hospital in Gera

When cancer is diagnosed, life changes completely for patients and their families. They have to learn to deal with physical and emotional problems as well as with social limitations. The psychosocial counselling centre at the SRH Wald-Klinikum Gera supports patients and family members during this process and provides them with information about social and legal issues. Their recuperation period is accompanied by nutrition counselling as well as sport and art therapy. The team provides in-patient and out-patient services and can guide tumour patients throughout every phase of their illness.

The SRH charitable foundation supports the work of the psychosocial counselling centre at the SRH Wald-Klinikum Gera to help offer this free service throughout the Gera region.

Researching the climate with HeidelSat

SRH university of Heidelberg

The SRH charitable foundation underwrites the “HeidelSat” project at the School of Engineering and Architecture at the SRH Hochschule Heidelberg. Professors and students there are working together towards the objective of tracking cosmic showers with the use of a satellite. The data they gather contribute to research about long-term climate changes on earth.

Lokomat® system at the SRH Krankenhaus Neresheim

At the SRH specialist clinic in Neresheim, a Lokomat® system has been acquired to improve the motor-skill rehabilitation of patients with severe cranial injuries. This support helped advance patient wellbeing by dramatically expanding the range of services available in the early rehabilitation of neurological conditions.

Donating to the earthquake victims in Haiti

In 2010, employees of the SRH corporate group raised around €31,000 as part of an in-house charity drive for the earthquake victims in Haiti. The sum was matched by the SRH charitable foundation, and a total of €62,000 was donated to the two SOS Children's Villages in Haiti.

WILI – We live integration

Wilckensschule Heidelberg

The SRH charitable foundation and the Wilckensschule Heidelberg have joined forces in a project that creates new paths in promoting the integration and academic performance of pupils at a primary school with a large population of children with migrant backgrounds. The goal is to promote language skills for parents and children, increase pupil performance and strengthen cultural understanding and a sense of belonging amongst the children and parents alike. The project was created based on a previous initiative from the SRH Holding to promote integration. The sponsorship supports the Wilckensschule to develop and acquire the necessary materials and staff resources as well as the skills to continue independently after the project funding has ended, thus fostering a sustainable contribution to integration.

Showing responsibility for society

We support national and international research projects along with applied professional projects which contribute to developments in the fields of education, health care and rehabilitation. This is how we give back to society some of our earnings. The charitable foundation is part of SRH Holding.

Application for a project grant

Please read the grant guidelines for information about qualifications for funding. Please send us the complete grant application and relevant supportive documentation via mail.

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