SRH is active in two service markets which are critical to the economy: education and health care. Both markets feature long-term growth opportunities and offer us new opportunities. We pursue multiple strategies to achieve our goals under tomorrow's market conditions:


In light of the fact that well-capitalized and high-performance oriented service providers are concentrating on the education and health care market more and more, we want to achieve above-market growth so as to maintain our independence. This is something we can achieve both through internal growth as well as through selective acquisitions and building new business ventures. In doing so, we concentrate on business areas with great growth potential and where we already have core competencies.

Quality leaders

As a mid-sized corporation, SRH cannot create competitive advantages by distinguishing itself as a cost leader or market leader. Instead, we strive to be the leader in terms of quality in our business areas. In other words, we want to stand out from the competition by providing higher quality that can be objectively assessed.

Creating synergies via corporate integration

We mobilize synergies by means of corporate wide standards for managing strategic success factors. This ensures that the corporate group is more than the mere sum of several individual companies. The key issues are

  • Corporate governance standards
  • Quality standards
  • Demographically representative human-resources policies
  • Central purchasing
  • Unified IT systems
  • Energy efficiency

We invite you to hold us to our promises